FaceBook:  This is the page I made where I post most of my creative crap.  If you don’t have a WordPress, or an email, or whatever else, this is the key to getting notified of new blog posts.  Which, you hopefully want to do if you’re actually exploring these other pages.

Twitter:  Pretty much no filter or attempts at perfection here.  I don’t even know why I have followers.  But I have a field day and you’re welcome to stalk me.

Vine:  Somehow I made it up to 70-something followers, but I think most of them are spam-bots.  Truly, all hell breaks lose on here, because only like 3 people I know personally have found my profile, so I am free to express myself truly.

YouTube:  YouTube is my absolute favorite.  If there’s one place you’re going to scope out, please let it be this one.  It has been my baby for many a’years and will continue to be until the day I die or the end of electronic media and subsequent apocalypse.  I. Love. YouTube.

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