About the Idiot

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My name is Melanie Lech, and I am a disaster.  (Don’t let the first picture decieve you too much, I’m wearing approximately 112 lbs of makeup in it.)

I was born to corn in North Carolina of the United States of America approximately two decades ago.  While that makes me feel old, I can take comfort in the fact that it makes my mom feel even older.  (And then less comfort because I love her dearly even though I would never tell her that in person.)  When it comes to schooling, I did it all.  Public, Catholic, Charter.  I’ve been through uniforms and trying to figure out life without uniforms.  I never was afraid I’d die at school and that’s something I’ve come to greatly appreciate and cherish.

Growing up, one of my biggest influences was Captain Underpants.  I will never not appreciate those books.  In fourth grade, I drew dumb toilet comics and my teacher told me I was “too creative.”  After getting through most of my schooling I realized I really had no idea what was going on most of my life, and again, that has become something I now cherish.  In school I was probably bullied more than the 3 instances of mean looks/comments I can recall, but I really didn’t have time to entertain the thoughts of mere mortals (aka I was floating around in my imagination).  I used to have social anxiety, but I’m more or less over it.  Evolving from shy was a big thing for me growing up–I wanted to prove it was possible for myself and others, and I’m proud of where I am today.

I have a deeper, emotional, artistic side sometimes (blah), as we all do, but I hate expressing true emotion and that’s not why we’re here, so we’ll skip over this blip.  But the bits about how I do music fit well in here.  And I guess I want to say it somewhere so: Mom, Dad, and brother make my heart whole.  Close friends too mean the world.  Pets are angels.

I’m currently a college student getting a degree in IDS and Theatre with (hopefully) a Minor in Spanish.  The IDS pulls from Communications, English, and Photography.  I have never regretted taking the Theatre or Comm classes that I have because in those I have learned more and been challenged more than I could ever have hoped to in school.  I don’t really know what I’ll be doing after college, but hopefully it’ll be good.  I do have one plan for a dumb internet video.  Making dumb internet videos is my life.  That’s about it.

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution was to drink less soda.  Next year I want to be more informed about politics and other local to global affairs.  One time I flicked an ant off of my paper in class and it landed in my friend’s arm hair.

I am passionate about laughing, friendship, and recycling.  Dog person.


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